Wednesday, December 2, 2009

John and Emily Jones memorial auction

Recently in our area, there was a guy that got stuck in the Nutty putty caves and was upside down for about 28 hours! Despite the efforts of the rescue team, they were unable to save him in time, and he passed away. His body was left in the cave since they could not get it out, and they are closing the cave. I was so sad to hear about this and when I saw their blog and all the pictures of him, his wife and their baby girl it brought me to tears! I just cant even imagine, what happened to them was horrific to say the least!! I was shown by a friend this site: where a girl is doing an online auction to help raise money for their family and be donated to their fund. Sugar and Spice is donating some headbands and a flower hat to the auction. Please go to the site and participate in the auction if you can! There are lots of different things to bid on. Our stuff is #'s 30, 31, and 32. To read the families statement, click here. Also, to donate directly, you can go here