Friday, June 26, 2009

Heres whats NEW for Summer!

NEW CLIPS! 8.19.09

The Camryn- Set of 3 black and white felt flower hair clips. $7.95

The Kylie- Set of 4 pink and brown felt flower hair clips. $9.95

The Victoria- pink fabric flowers on a ribbon headband. $9.95

The claire- Pink and brown ribbon flower with pink felt flower. $6.95

The Taylor- Crochet daisy hair clips set of 3 $6.95

Strawberry shortcake- Strawberry hair clips set of 2: $4.95

The Brylee- Pink and brown felt flower clips: $3.49 each
The Ellie
The Sara

The Ashlyn- Set of 2 crochet butterfly clips: $4.95 Come in 5 dif. colors/sets
The Kayla

Layered Crochet flower clips: $3.95 each The Gracie
The Emma
The Laura
The Brinn

Crochet flowers set of 6: $9.95

Felt flowers set of 6: $9.95

Butterflies set of 7: $11.95 Also come in matching sets of 2 for $4.95

Crochet beanies with flower clips! $7.99 for the beanie, then pick your flower!

The Alexandra - Large pink peony flower clip. $5.99

Bella - Brown satin ribbon flower with largre clear jewel. $3.99

Butterfly gem- $3.49

Jasmine - Black and white soft feathers with jewel. $4.99

Princess set. 4 hair clippies $7.99

Tulle and ribbon hair clip.

Purple elegant flower clip. $6.99

BOWS: Punky pink, black and white bow with skull and crossbones. $6.99